Why Work In a Coffee Shop?

Because Creativity!

Have you ever tried working in a coffee shop? Or wondered if anybody else working in a coffee shop actually gets anything done? They do! Not only do they get work done but chances are the work they do there is also of a higher quality too!

The TL/DR is that ambient noise at a level of 70 decibels increases creative thinking.

There is a good reason for this but it might not be why you think. Coffee shops (busy ones anyway) have a certain level of ambient noise that has a direct impact on how the brain processes information. This study conducted by Ravi Mehta ,Rui (Juliet) Zhu , and Amar Cheema shows empirically how it works. The TL/DR is that ambient noise at a level of 70 decibels increases creative thinking.


Other reasons for working in a coffee shop is that it’s great for the economy. Helping out your local coffee shops increases money flow in your neighborhood. A thriving coffee shop attracts business minded individuals which in turn could lead to all kinds of good things for the town and in turn the economy.


Health is also a good reason for working in a coffee shop. If you intend on working out of a coffee shop it’s a good idea to walk there. Walking is a great way to get your body and brain ready for work. If you eat there the chances are that food is properly proportioned which is great if you trying to cut back on the quantity you eat. Plus the food is not exactly cheap which is good too because it deters you from spending too much. A lot of coffee shops are starting to serve more organic and healthy products theses days too.  Oh and don’t forget the vitamin D from the sunlight, get out the cave yo!


The longer you do your work out of coffee shops, assuming you’re following the CSCC (Coffee Shop Code of Conduct), you will meet and talk to some strangers, maybe even share your table with them. This is a great way turn random people into paying clientele or even help get the word out about you and the services you offer.


Coffee, lattes, shakes, frappuccinos, wine, beer, and tea are awesome reasons to get out of your cave and work in coffee shops. I have had some many fun conversations started by talking about the unique and fun coffees or drinks I  have had in coffee shops.

Well there you have it, just a few great reasons for working in coffee shops. In later posts I will be talking about the kind of gear to bring with you to get your work done in a coffee shop, along with the gear I currently use. I will also talk about what makes a good coffee shop for work and some reviews of the coffee shops I’ve been to. Right now I am working with Firebase for Android and plan on making a lot of applications that use Firebase so stay tuned for those posts as well.


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